Efficiency at its best

Manage your rental business wherever you are with everything you need all on the one device, helping you reach new heights of productivity.

real-time equipment information

Staying in the loop

With up-to-date live data on your equipment fleet, access to equipment utilisation statistics and customer specific pricing, you'll be able to work on the move without needing to go back and forth to the office.


Key documents when you need them

Access to equipment certificates, manuals, specifications and accessories when out on site, giving the depot manager all the information they need to work on the move. Depot managers are also able to access contracts and client information prior to meeting with customers.  


Improved workflows and streamlined processes

Schedule actions on MCS-rm for a smoother workflow so the hire/sales process can continue no matter where you're working from, ensuring there are no issues with deliveries, repairs, maintenance or customer payments.

mcs crm mobile testimonial
Giving the sales force mobile access to data on their smart phones should work very well in quickly providing all the data they need on the move. In today’s pressured environment, this is the kind of capability that helps us to provide a rapid response to our customers.

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Additional features

Communicating with your team

Setting actions:
When you're out of the office or wandering around the depot, you still want to deliver a high standard of customer service by ensuring tasks are completed on time. With the action management system in RM Mobile, you can assign tasks to colleagues on the fly when responding to poor customer feedback, to prevent delays in resolving their issues due to not being near to your desktop PC. These actions might include:

  • Following up equipment breakdowns 
  • Chasing payments
  • Performing background checks

Handling customer queries

Whilst on a customer site, you will be able to serve your customers better by being able to answer questions that usually you would only be able to answer on return to the office. With RM Mobile, you can be more professional and equipped to deal with ad-hoc queries instantly by being able to:

  • Search for quotes and contracts by job number, PO, company or depot.
  • See more detailed contract information including invoices and hire rates.
  • See customer notes and preferences.
  • View outstanding balance with credit check status, aged debt and transaction details.
  • Create a follow up action.

On site, you may also be asked about equipment availability. Using RM Mobile you will instantly be able to:

  • Search by item with options to filter by sub category, itemised and non-itemised items and consumables.
  • View equipment subgroup images, accessories, specifications, availability statistics and standard hire rates along with a dropdown for customer specific pricing.
  • See equipment by its current and future availability status.

Invoice queries

Handle any invoice queries with ease. With RM Mobile you can:

  • Lookup the exact invoice value, see invoice calculations, check due dates and obtain ‘copy invoices’ to resend to customers by email.
  • Search for invoices by contract, job number, purchase order number, customer or depot.
  • Create a follow up action.

Workshop Status

Both your depot and workshop managers need to keep a close eye on workshop productivity and efficiency. With RM Mobile, not only can you see an overall picture of your workshop activity, you can also:

  • Search for specific jobs by works order number, works order type and depot
  • Filter these by created, approved, awaiting parts delivery, stock available and works order status.
  • Create a follow up action.

View company information

Your depot managers may also want to be able to walk around the depot and still be able to answer calls and handle outstanding jobs and queries. With RM Mobile they can view:

  • A dashboard of live and booked contracts
  • Open and accepted quotes
  • CRM categories and business classes
  • Downloadable PDF quotes
  • Hire prices, discounts, company VAT and registration numbers
  • Financial status & details
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders

Managing your suppliers

Keeping on top of purchase orders is key to improving your supply chain. From workshop spares and consumables, to the original asset purchase, you need to make sure that the requested parts will arrive on time and the movement of equipment from the workshop to inventory is as efficient as possible. In RM Mobile, selected users can authorise a Purchase Order on their mobile device for faster processing of POs. You can also filter your POs by:

  • Created
  • Authorised
  • Current Status

Explore our software solution

Some key features within MCS-rm rental software to enhance your business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your sales pipeline activity from enquiry through to final order. Undertake pro-active marketing campaigns to nurture your key client and prospect relationships.

MCS workshop


Ensure your equipment is certified and fit for hire. Keep accurate service records, plan regular maintenance and manage accidental equipment damage and loss.
Workshop >

mcs purchasing


Keep tight control of your expenditure on hire fleet, stock, spares and rehires and manage your preferred suppliers all in one easy to use system.
Purchasing >


Dashboards & Business Intelligence

Gain meaningful insight into your rental data to help you analyse your strengths, weaknesses and understand changing business trends to ensure you make the right strategic decisions.
Reporting >

electronic trading

Electronic Trading

Send and receive customer, supplier and financial documents electronically for a labour-free solution to your paperwork processes.
Electronic Trading >


Document Management

Go paperless and switch to electronic document storage to improve document retrieval times, reduce file storage space and revolutionise your customer service.
Document Management >


Smart Alerts

Receive customised proactive alerts so you can address issues the moment they arise ensuring that the highest standards are consistently met.
Smart Alerts >


Resource Planner

Enhance the visibility and utilisation of your internal resources ensuring appropriately qualified staff are allocated to the right tasks.
Resource Planner >


Online Portal

Drive customer loyalty whilst enhancing brand awareness using the Online Portal, allowing your customers to quickly place orders and self-serve the information they need from you 24/7.
Online Portal >

telematics hub

MCS Telematics Hub

Say hello to full visibility of your telematics data. From stolen asset recovery to increased revenue, you’ll be able to take huge steps towards greater efficiency and improved productivity of your hire fleet.
MCS Telematics Hub >

e-sign digital document signing

MCS E-Sign

Transform your hire quotes and contracts with MCS E-Sign, letting your customers easily sign documents at the click of a button.
MCS E-Sign >

mobile tools

Mobile tools

Empower your workforce with our mobile apps for your sales, transport, workshop and warehouse teams creating a paper-free process. With the ability to work both on-or-offline and gather real-time information from your workers on the move, you will become more responsive and consistently deliver on your promises.

Mobile Solutions >

MCS RM Mobile

RM Mobile

Manage your rental business wherever you are with everything you need all on the one device, helping you reach new heights of productivity.
RM Mobile >

MCS CRM Mobile

CRM Mobile

Make your on-site client meetings more productive and access important customer information so you never miss an opportunity when on the move.
CRM Mobile >

MCS Transport Mobile

Transport Mobile

The paperless way to manage your transport logistics with optimised routes and real-time status updates from drivers in the field.
Transport Mobile >

MCS Picking Mobile

Picking Mobile

Empower your warehouse staff with MCS Picking Mobile to accelerate the picking of equipment for your rental bookings, increasing the productivity of your workforce.
Picking Mobile >

MCS Workshop Mobile

Workshop Mobile

Streamline and manage your maintenance activity with an app to provide engineers with a paperless workflow and provide your back office with instant real-time information from their job status updates.
Workshop Mobile >

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Concentrate on running your rental company, safe in the knowledge that your business is always protected, your data is secure and your IT infrastructure is managed by professionals.

Learn more about our Cloud Solutions

At a glance

  • Secure, easy access to your hire data from any location
  • Free your in-house IT resources and reap cost efficiencies
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Protection for your vital business data 
  • Fast implementation
  • A solution that is scalable
  • Ready access to experienced IT support consultants

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