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Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Marquee Hire

Key Benefits

  • Less time spent on admin work, meaning more time for customers.
  • Data duplication has been eliminated, increasing internal efficiencies.
  • Data can be accessed and amended anywhere, anytime. 
  • Equipment no longer gets lost on-hire.

The Challenge

Trafalgar Marquees found itself in a position where after seven years, its existing system was hindering its desired growth and ability to focus on its customers and their needs. This set the company on course to find a suitable replacement solution. 

The Solution

Trafalgar Marquees needed a software solution which would grow and develop alongside it and would integrate with its financial package and Office 365. It also wanted a system that would enable teams to focus their time and effort on prioritising their customers’ needs, instead of laborious administrative work. MCS was this perfect solution that could fulfil these requirements. 

MCS Cloud

Since moving to MCS, our previous fears over our lack of data security are now gone, and that gives us peace of mind. It also means, that the same data can be accessed whether working at different depots or working remotely. It has also solved our issue of reviewing documents, as now everyone can review the same document at the same time.


The MCS CRM solution is a big improvement from our previous software solution. We can now segment our customers easily, and make notes about individuals within the CRM. When it comes to invoicing this is particularly useful, as we immediately know the right person to contact which speeds up our invoicing process, allowing time for other jobs.


At Trafalgar Marquees, we have teams that work remotely and over numerous sites, and now data is at all their fingertips. The ability to do this has increased team independence and productivity, as the remote working team does not have to contact the office for data, as they can access the real-time data themselves from wherever they are.

Resource Planner for Transport Scheduling

We like the flexibility we have in amending data within MCS-rm remotely, which is a huge relief for us. In the events industry, so many things can change at the last minute. The Resource Planner means that we can make real-time adjustments and we can get delivery jobs signed for and store electronic proof of delivery in MCS-rm. We no longer have missing bits of paperwork, and it has also reduced our paper usage considerably.

Document Management

The security restrictions on some of our working sites forbid the use of mobile devices. When this happens, we revert to batch scanning our signed documents which are then automatically filed into MCS-rm and linked to the relevant contract. It is a very adaptable and straightforward process. We no longer have to worry about losing our documents as MCS safely and securely stores them all digitally.


Since using MCS-rm, we have saved at least ten minutes per contract when it comes to invoicing. MCS offers one-click invoicing, meaning there is no double entry of data, we can simply click a button and it’s all done for us. This has streamlined our invoicing process saving us time but also increasing our overall productivity as we have more time to spend with customers and to work on other jobs.


MCS E-Sign cuts out all chasing for signatures. We create the documents, send them off to the customer, and the system automatically chases if the document isn’t signed promptly. When it is approved, it automatically goes back into MCS-rm with no manual intervention required. This improves our customer relationships and our customer experience.

Split deliveries

Being able to have all documentation and load lists automatically tracked within MCS-rm is a great benefit, for both us and our customers. We no longer risk losing equipment on sites thanks to the split deliveries module, as it is all tracked end to end. This means we can be much clearer with the customers as to what to expect, and when.


The MCS implementation process has been exemplary. Their approach is the best by far, being both professional and sympathetic. The MCS team is always on hand to help us with any queries we may have, and we love we love the collaborative approach the projects team took to ensure we get the most out of the MCS software.


Our relationship with MCS is extremely positive. They are honest and open, and its collaborative working approach is brilliant, as we both learn lots from each other.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Trafalgar Marquees has been able to:

  • Save 10 minutes per contract when it comes to invoicing.
  • Obtain electronic signatures for documents quickly and easily, reducing the time spent internally on closing deals.
  • Become more customer-focused thanks to increased efficiencies driven by MCS-rm.
  • Significantly improve the customer journey by increasing visibility and improving document management.
Trafalgar Marquees
MCS has given Trafalgar Marquees the confidence required to be able to grow, and has given the teams back valuable time to spend with our customers.

Trafalgar Marquees


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