Customer Profile
Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Traffic Management Specialists

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use meaning MCS-rm was quickly adopted by the business.
  • Interdepot transfer functionality means it can service a large number of contracts.
  • A hosted system allows TMO to reduce IT complexity and staff can access the hire system remotely.
  • Faster processing of jobs improves service, efficiently handles damaged items, automates supplier purchase orders and administers kit prices.

The Challenge

To manage its strong growth, TMO Traffic sought to replace manual processes with a rich and powerful software solution that would effectively manage many contracts and thousands of assets. The decision to purchase MCS-rm was taken quickly after the initial demonstration.

The Solution

Users in planning, operations and accounts benefit from MCS-rm and improvements from streamlining crucial business processes.

Easy To Use

We had our wish-list, which was topped by ease of use. When we saw a demonstration of MCS-rm, we were won over. It ticked all the boxes, and also did so much more. For instance, we liked the ease with which you can produce professional-looking invoices and its ability to record thousands of pieces of kit.

Asset Utilisation

When we’re raising a new contract, the system knows what kit has been assigned to which depot and whether it is available. If we have a large road closure to administer, for example, MCS-rm lets us utilise equipment from across the business.

Daily Diary Reminders

The system flags up on a daily basis when a piece of equipment is due to go out on-hire or is off-hired, so we can take the necessary action to collect or deliver. This is crucial as many of our projects have very tight deadlines and with around 200 jobs to manage over any two-week period, we are fortunate to have the MCS software keeping a watchful eye on our behalf.

The MCS Team

MCS were always there to patiently answer our questions. While we manage very well on our own now, it’s good to know that MCS are on hand should we ever have a problem and to help us develop our use of the software.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, TMO Traffic has been able to:

  • Gain visibility of stock across all depots and have a snapshot of what equipment is on-hire, available or booked out.
  • Service a large number of concurrent contracts.
  • Administer smooth inter-depot transfers of equipment when required.
  • Highlight crucial events in the hire process and deliver high levels of automated support with Daily Diary.
  • Instantly note missing or damaged machinery, so that the stock level is automatically adjusted.
  • Offer a number of equipment packages on a quote, complete with pricing that reflects common road closure scenarios.
  • Quickly order equipment from suppliers.
TMO Traffic
When in discussions with prospects about what we can offer them, I can show how we would set up a contract for them, with a sample invoice. The MCS-rm system is a real head-turner and reflects very well on ourselves as a professional organisation.

TMO Traffic


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