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Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Temporary Accommodation & Storage Hire

Key Benefits

  • All in one solution that combines hire and customer relationship management
  • Unified information, with all customer interactions available at the touch of a button
  • Improved efficiency by eliminating time-consuming manual processes with a 30% improvement in order processing times.
  • A scalable solution that can support the company as the business grows and market needs change

The Challenge

Portable Space needed to invest in new software to further enhance its reputation for exceptional customer service and to allow them to continue their growth and innovation. The Portable Space team considered a number of hire systems, but MCS-rm's integration with Microsoft Outlook, Sage and its CRM functionality won them over.

The Solution

The solution is now used across the business, including the sales, accounts, administration and workshop teams.


We identified a requirement for CRM technology to help us manage our customer base and maintain our high customer service standards. Having met with the MCS team, we became excited by the prospect of working with an integrated package and were keen to proceed with a company that could deliver all of our requirements.

We can raise a rental contract directly from a quote without having to rekey information and this brings us the benefits of reducing errors, saving time and freeing up some of our resources.

Sage Integration

Importing transactions into our financial accounts system is very quick and ensures mistakes are virtually impossible. We can also ensure that any credit issues are spotted as early as possible, helping with cash flow.

Split Deliveries

Our clients regularly hire a number of cabins that are listed on a single quotation and, therefore, on one hire contract. However, for transportation purposes more than one delivery may be required due to lorry capacity, the MCS-rm functionality copes with these complexities


We have greatly appreciated the support of the MCS consultants and have been able to use our time with them to come to fully understand the system and its capabilities. This has given us the confidence to make changes to its set-up ourselves, if required, but without feeling as if we were on our own.

It’s good to know we’re far from exhausting the possibilities within MCS-rm, quite the reverse. We will be able to bring new features on stream to support our business as it evolves in the months and years ahead.

The Benefits

Now that Portable Space is utilising the different functionality of MCS-rm, it can:

  • Consolidate hire contracts, administration and invoicing into one easy-to-use, automated solution.
  • Track and reference over 1000 items of hireable cabins and containers.
  • Automatically raise invoices on a monthly basis, saving valuable manpower.
  • View a comprehensive order history of a customer, with previous quotes and financial data.
  • Improve customer service with shared visibility of data, enabling their team to respond to queries instantly.
  • Improve order processing times by 30%.
  • Use CRM to record enquiries and raise instant quotations along with using mail merge for marketing and mass correspondence.
  • See exactly what items are in stock at all times, and when to expect returns.
  • Always quote at the current hire rates with the price grid feature.
  • Prepare accurate account figures with ease with the Sage integration.
Portable Space
We have grown our business by remaining responsive to our customers’ needs, often delivering against restricted budgets and tight deadlines. MCS-rm is enabling us to deliver excellent service while closely managing our continuing growth.

Portable Space


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