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Country: New Zealand
Industry: Event Hire

Key Benefits

  • Improved control of thousands of inventory items, including breakage and loss management
  • Greater control management of contract production and the deliveries/collections process 
  • Consistent method of quoting, pricing and invoicing that everyone adheres to
  • Customisation of customer documentation, improving customer service quality

The Challenge

Mardi Gras was originally using an old DOS-based system which did not offer the level of reporting, inventory management and availability planning they needed. They wanted to adopt a solid rental solution that would manage their fleet more efficiency and serve their loyal client base well.


The Solution

With the system needing to be up and running within 6 weeks, MCS went ahead and carried out a smooth and successful implementation. Initially Mardi Gras took on a 4-user based system, with two users on the hire counter and two in the back office. 


We started from scratch at the implementation stage, with MCS building the platform and then importing all the spreadsheets, data and templates. It was made so easy for us. All the initial online training was straightforward and, as we had hoped, our users found the system very fast and easy to pick up.

Quality Management

We’re happy that MCS-rm does everything that we want and have been impressed with its uniform processes and structure. The system has helped to promote consistent quality management processes across the business. Now all quotes, contracts and picking lists use the same format, and pricing and invoicing are done in an identical way, whoever takes the order. We also have precise management of our hire contracts, deliveries and collections.

Asset Utilisation

With MCS-rm, we know where everything is at any point in time and what volume is left to hire out. We can turn items around quickly to ensure maximum utilisation, while the availability planner tells us what is available at any given time and what is booked out in the future.

Availability Planner

We store and manage all our event hire stock on the system. Our inventory runs into many thousands of items with high volumes and challenging turnaround times. I love the way the availability planner helps us to manage this. It lets us drill down to see where everything is, so we can make an informed judgement on what stock needs to be allocated in the future. We are quoting on jobs years ahead, into 2014, so this helps us to plan accurately for the future, which in turn maximises profits. It's all about control and we have that now with MCS-rm.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

It’s brilliant! When items are returned, we mark off on the system any that are no longer part of our stock and the system automatically takes it off the inventory count. It’s a great time-saver and helps us to keep an accurate picture of our inventory.

Manipulating Forms and Documents

We can customise document formats, including adding terms and conditions and service tax, translating the information into a format that is easy to read and understand, however our clients view it.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Mardi Gras Events now has:

  • Access to management reporting to better understand their business
  • Ability to provide leading customer service
  • Improved overview of business-wide activity with real-time data and insights
Mardi Gras Testimonial
MCS moved heaven and earth to get the fundamentals of a working system in place to a very challenging deadline!

Mardi Gras Events


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