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Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Event Equipment Hire

Key Benefits

  • Increased equipment visibility by consolidating all rental equipment data into one shared software solution that promotes staff and customer communications.
  • Freedom from IT housekeeping duties with the use of MCS Cloud.
  • Fast on-hires, consolidating all complex rental assets into logical 'kits'.
  • Peace of mind with excellent account management and support for users of the system.

The Challenge

In 2010, after a management buyout of the local business, GEMS was formed. Initially running on Excel Spreadsheets, GEMS realised that it could no longer run its business without some form of rental management software.

The Solution

The company chose MCS-rm in the cloud to run its rental business. GEMS use it to store its hire data, work collaboratively as a team, manage financial transactions and generate automatic invoices.

Why did you choose MCS?

We opted for the strongest contender in the market, MCS-rm. It was scalable and comprehensive enough to run a successful hire business. I chose MCS-rm to run our hire operations because it had all the functionality we needed and much more. It was intuitive to use and would save me valuable time because training people on the system was simple.


For a fixed monthly fee, we know that there will be no nasty surprises awaiting us when we power up the system in the morning and we have total peace of mind that the system will be running 100% of the time. I can easily access the system remotely which saves me valuable time and aids communication between my staff and customers.

Automated Invoicing

Automated invoicing has saved me over 500 manpower hours this year alone. Previously, I would manually type every invoice out but now I just hit the invoice button on the contract in MCS-rm and an accurate invoice is automatically produced every time.

Inventory kits

MCS-rm smoothly handles the logistics of supplying marquees. Every marquee is set up as a rental 'package' or kit. The booking agent just needs to choose the marquee size required for the customer event and the system does the rest to ensure the marquee is delivered complete.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, GEMS now has:

  • Complete freedom from IT housekeeping duties through its choice of cloud based rental software.
  • Achieved significant time and cost savings by producing accurate electronic invoices automatically that has saved the company time and money.
  • The ability to do quick on hires consolidating all complex rental assets into logical 'kits'.
  • Peace of mind – with excellent account management and support for users of the system.
Gower Event Management Services Testimonial
Besides time savings, there are many important, intangible benefits that have come from automating our hire processes with MCS-rm which simply cannot be measured. MCS-rm is at the core of GEMS, bringing together all our disparate areas of working and enabling everything to run smoothly.



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