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Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Plant / Event Hire

Key Benefits

  • Improved visibility of assets thanks to more reliable and accurate asset tracking.
  • Detailed data analysis allows informed, key, strategic business decisions to be made.
  • Improved transparency across the business with an alignment of pricing structures and branding.
  • Employees can work with a greater degree of efficiency, saving time for other jobs.

The Challenge

When SGB discovered that its existing rental software solution was to become unsupported, the company realised it needed to find something more modern, which could cater for its diverse business. The Management Team wanted to make fully informed business decisions based on reliable data that would enable its business to grow, something which its previous hire system wasn’t able to do.

The Solution

SGB wanted to ensure it made the right decision when deciding on its new rental software solution, so asked for recommendations from existing suppliers and other hire companies. After receiving a glowing review for MCS-rm, SGB contacted MCS. After a demo of the software the company knew that MCS would meet its requirements and facilitate its plans for future growth.


MCS-rm has transformed our business by giving us a greater degree of transparency across our SGB Channel Island shops. As a result, we now have a standardised pricing structure and improved asset visibility across the business, meaning we are no longer quoting against any of our other depots.

Daily Diary

The ‘Daily Diary’ is an invaluable resource for the business. It has enabled employees to be more self-sufficient by knowing exactly where an asset is at any time and when it is expected back in stock. This increased visibility means we can utilise our assets far better.

Not only that, but it has also helped to reduce paperwork, which can be easily lost as everything is now digitised. This has improved the customer’s experience and the business’ reputation as orders are recorded electronically, rather than on pieces of paper which can be so easily misplaced.

Document Management

The MCS Document Management has revolutionised our company beyond expectations. Previously everything was paper based, which took up a lot of valuable office space but also meant documents could be hard to find. Now everything is held securely within MCS-rm. Anyone that needs to, can access the documentation at any time.

Our corporate branding is also improved significantly. Previously, each shop had its own templates for documents. Now, there is one single template which every shop uses. Should an amendment need to be made, the template can be adjusted in MCS-rm and then it is instantly available to everyone regardless of location ensuring consistency is maintained across our brand.


Invoicing is an area of the business which has drastically changed for the better thanks to MCS-rm. Previously, we have spent thousands of pounds posting invoices each year. Now we can produce and send invoices at a click of a button.

This has also improved efficiency as prior to using MCS-rm it would take someone half a day, every day, to prepare invoices for sending manually. Now we can free up this person for other tasks.

Split Deliveries

The split deliveries feature available within MCS-rm has been a dream come true for SGB. This is because we can now accurately record exactly what assets have been dispatched, when they have been returned and what is still on site at any given time. Before using MCS-rm, due to the staggering of deliveries and collections, we could never be certain if the amount collected was the same as the amount delivered. This meant that stock was easily lost, which came at a cost to the business. As a result of MCS-rm being able to manage these split deliveries this no longer happens which is a great result for our business.


The data analysis possible with MCS Rental Software, has had a massive, positive impact on the business. It has enabled us to become more market savvy as we can now make business critical decisions based on the data returned. We are now able to look at how profitable our different assets are across the company, enabling us to invest more in the higher earning assets to be able to provide exactly what our customers want rather than guessing. This brings with it a massive financial saving and will help the business to grow.


We were delighted with how the implementation process went. We integrated MCS-rm with our finance system relatively easily, which has removed data duplication, saving us time. The training we received during the implementation project was superb. MCS took the time to make sure everyone fully understood how the system worked and how to get the best out of it and are always happy to help with queries.


The support we have received through MCS has been outstanding. There is no question we have ever asked which cannot be answered by the support team, and they are always on hand to help us. The MCS team have been invaluable and have not only provided us with a long-term solution, but have created a positive cultural change across the business by uniting us through MCS-rm.

The Future

Thanks to MCS-rm our future is looking very exciting. It has undoubtedly put us in a better position for some upcoming, big projects across the Channel Islands. With increased efficiency and the ability to respond quicker to our customer needs, we will be able to grow our company and attract even more new business.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, SGB has been able to:

  • Greatly improve the customer journey by uniting the businesses in all areas including pricing and increased visibility of assets.
  • Consolidate its corporate branding across the business by standardising its templates.
  • Improve self-sufficiency of staff and asset utilisation with improved asset visibility.
  • Build customer trust and allegiance, due to paperless document management.
  • Make key business decisions around assets based on data available in MCS-rm.
SGB Hire
MCS-rm has united SGB as a business, and given employees a better sense of belonging. Thanks to MCS, we are now one company in four locations meaning we can work together to provide the best customer service possible.

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