Customer Profile
Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Two-way radio equipment hire

Key Benefits

  • Great time savings using MCS-rm to avoid re-keying data and duplicating work.
  • Radio frequencies functionality ensure that each customer knows exactly what frequencies can be used.
  • Improved communication between depots with consolidated systems for the entire rental operation.
  • Better customer service as clients are provided with real-time stock availability instantly.

The Challenge

DTS Solutions was looking for a rental software solution that would save them time and consolidate all of their hire processes into one system. It needed software that could be flexible to its needs and provide valuable technological innovation for the telecommunications industry.

The Solution

DTS Solutions now uses MCS-rm to manage their rental operation, taking advantage of functionality such as radio frequencies, availability planner, stock control and clone contacts. 

MCS Customer Service

Our account manager was very helpful and was always extremely quick to get back to us.

Radio Frequencies

When we send our paperwork down to the engineers, before it gets dispatched from the building, we need to be telling them what frequencies they need to have. Previously there was nowhere in the system for us to do that, so we had the frequencies tab developed. Now we can type all of that information in and it comes out on our picking list, this way the right kit is picked and they know how to program the equipment as well.

Availability Planner

It is all very visual on the screen, it’s easy to use and has saved us countless hours already. We were so used to using manual spreadsheets, but because we have so many parts and different items, it was a case of constantly crosschecking and wasting a lot of time.

Stock Control

We don’t just use it for hire, we also use it for the sales team. With all the stock listed on the system, it has been very beneficial for when we speak to customers on the phone. We are able to check instantly what stock we’ve got available for different items. It gets used so regularly, and has integrated both departments onto one system.

Clone Contracts

The ‘Clone contract’ is a good time saver for us, as a lot of events that we do are just repeats. For example the same event happens quarterly. Before we would be looking at it afresh from a spreadsheet and redoing the same work.

Consolidated Rental Processes

MCS-rm helps to bring everything under one umbrella rather than having different systems for different processes. It even saves queries and orders in the system, which helps to prevent anything being missed or forgotten.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, DTS Solutions has been able to:

  • Saved time due to no longer re-keying data and duplicating work.
  • Improved communication and organisation with the development of radio frequencies functionality in MCS-rm.
  • Consolidated systems improves communication across depots for the entire hire operation.
  • Greater customer service with real-time stock availability.
DTS Solutions
We chose MCS because of the MCS team and how quick and accommodating the company was. It wasn’t down to price. It was a case of responding to what we needed very quickly. The team were really good and very helpful.

DTS Solutions


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