Enhancing efficiency for operated equipment with digitalisation in the rental industry

26 May 2022

Enhancing efficiency for operated equipment with digitalisation in the rental industry

Digitalising in the rental industry is a key topic for everyone right now, but some of the latest trends in operated plant have really changed the way hirers can digitalise and work more efficiently. From shift allocation to creation and submission of timesheets, as well as the ability to invoice for specific hours worked, hirers are now saving hours of time and providing a better service than ever. 

Clock-In and Out…

With the ability to clock-in and out, employers have a clear overview of what time their engineers commence and end their shifts. In addition to storing the GPS position of the clock-in and out at the time, this provides accurate timings on which both management and employees can rely. 

Hirers are also now able to be more flexible to ad-hoc requests and last-minute changes with the ability to amend shifts on a mobile app. Previously, hirers would need to manually email their engineers and liaise with them to check availability and let them know of any changes to their schedule. By taking advantage of mobile solutions, with just one click, shifts can be accepted or rejected on their smartphone, allowing hirers to adapt to changing requirements and be more agile to new and last-minute jobs.


Invoicing can easily be one of the most time-consuming and paper laborious processes, but with digital timesheets and mobile solutions, the invoicing process has never been easier. 

Reduced disputes, faster payments, and improved cash flow are just some of the benefits of using digital timesheets and electronic invoicing. When a job has been completed, operators can submit their timesheets for approval by the site manager. These can be signed electronically and automatically stored in their central rental management system, ready to be attached to invoices for payment. This avoids the challenges of hand-written timesheets and lengthy manual processes, meaning hirers can transform the way they do business with their customers.


With a resource planner solution in place, hirers can ensure that the right engineers are allocated to the correct jobs with all the necessary up to date qualifications. This helps keeps workers safe as well as on top of their qualification renewals when required.

With the power of GPS location details, engineers can also find equipment on site quickly and easily. The GPS information is stored and available to view by operators on a mobile app. No more unnecessary time wasted searching the site for the required machine; just locate it on the app!

From a safety point of view, engineers are able to log defects on the machine they are working on, meaning these are clearly flagged before another individual begins any more work. The progression, as well as history, can clearly be read by anyone who comes into contact with the equipment. Without being able to understand a machine’s history, this could result in preventable harm as well as wasting time redoing a job that has already been completed.

Check-lists are the perfect way of ensuring that operators have all the accessories required to operate safely. The MCS Customer Portal can be used to view and download User Guides, improving efficiency and system security. 

Many rental companies are reliant on paper-based organisation processes. Digital Timesheets and Mobile Solutions allow businesses to manage their teams more efficiently and react quickly to different requirements.

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