Customer Profile:
Sector: Load bank rental

Key Benefits

  • Fast and easy preparation of quotes and contracts saves time and avoids data rekeying
  • The solution can be used across multiple countries and in multiple languages
  • User-friendly, easy to train new employees
  • Advanced settings which allow the software to be adapted to company’s specific requirements

The Challenge

French company Rentaload operates in the load bank rental business. Following the creation of the company in 2013, Rentaload's market quickly expanded to other countries, particularly the UK, Germany and the USA. The company previously used Excel management tools to run their business. International expansion resulted in some of the sales team being located overseas and the Excel management system was no longer a viable option. The company needed a software solution that was multi-lingual, multi-currency and remotely accessible.

The Solution

Rentaload chose MCS Rental Management Software because it met their requirements: it was multilingual, multi-currency, and remotely accessible. MCS-rm is used by 17 Rentaload employees to manage their rental processes.

Why MCS?

The MCS-rm solution exactly matched our needs. The determining factor in our choice of supplier was ease of use; MCS-rm seemed easy to use and the solution matched our requirements. It is a good fit for our business, and we are very pleased with our decision.

Re-rent management

When a piece of equipment is not available in our inventory, we rent it out from other rental companies. We already have the products and price lists of these suppliers in our database, which allows us to include the items on our invoices.

Accounts Integration

Unlike Excel, where we had no integration with our accounting software, MCS-rm integrates with CEGID business, saving us a great deal of time.

Adapted to our specific needs

When installing the software, we took great care to prepare and add all the accounting codes. Each stock item has its own accounting code and the same item can have two different accounting codes depending on how it is used. The advanced settings in MCS-rm allowed us to manage these specific requirements.

Helps with our decision making

We can keep track of lead sources (phone, website, direct marketing) and the type of market they are in (data center, hospital, etc.). For example, we noticed that many leads were coming in by phone, so we decided to dedicate two people to answering calls. This kind of data also allows us to prepare our marketing campaigns to target sectors we are interested in.

The future

Rentaload is a growing company and we feel that we will be able to benefit from some of the features we are not yet using such as a CRM to manage our customer relationships and Business Intelligence tools to easily extract and analyze business results. We would like to digitize our documents so that we can, for example, link complex technical files to a quote. We can still improve our way of working and I think that MCS will be able to help us to grow the company.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Rentaload users have been able to:

  • Choose different addresses for sending quotes and invoices for the same customer
  • Prepare quotes and contracts in 3 different languages and invoice in 2 different currencies
  • Use the processes defined by MCS-rm to define their way of working and set up their quality standards
  • Quickly become independent because the solution is so user friendly
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The real benefit for us is how quick and easy it is to create quotes - everything is so quick with MCS-rm and we can now easily manage our equipment inventory (i.e. we have a clear vision of our fleet)



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