MCS Rental Software does its bit for sustainability to aid nature recovery

19 May 2023

MCS Rental Software does its bit for sustainability to aid nature recovery

For the fourth year running, MCS Rental Software joined the local community in expanding a regional wildlife corridor to combine woodland habitats and increase biodiversity. This brings the total number of trees planted over the last three winters to over 15,000. The mixture of new scrub and forest runs almost 2km parallel with a nearby highway and, over time, will encourage rare plants and flowers to replenish and spread further across the area. 

The project has been running since 2019, and once completed, the team will have planted 20,000 trees. This will mean the woodland will be active 300 years from now. Tree planting remains one of the most effective ways of minimizing carbon from our air to mitigate climate change. Josh Lewis, President of MCS Rental Software Inc., explains,

"The climate crisis is a problem for everyone, but projects like this are an important time to pull together to ensure we take positive measures for the future. In just a few hours as a team, we planted 250 trees and had fun doing it."

The MCS Team replaced their computers for spades for the day to contribute to enhancing biodiversity and building more green spaces for everyone to enjoy. Josh concludes,

"We are delighted to be a part of this project, and with our head office being so close, it will be great to revisit the site over the next few months to see the development over time."

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