Key features to look for in asset hire software for hire businesses

20 March 2023

Key features to look for in asset hire software for hire businesses

Hire software is an integral part of running a successful hire business and the features of the hire software you select can vary significantly from one platform to the next.

Not every hire solution is going to be the best fit for every business. For instance, event equipment hire businesses will insist that overbooking and delivery truck routing is important for their business, while heavy equipment hire businesses will argue about the maintenance of their equipment and long-term billing as being the key to their efficient workflow.

So it’s crucial to evaluate your options and the features they offer before settling on a software solution for your hire business.


Every hire business has its own differing needs and requirements. The best asset hire software in the market should be able to meet the needs of every business and, therefore, must be flexible.

Before opting for a software solution, check if the software is compatible with your business. You can even look for testimonials from businesses in the same hire business to evaluate their experience using the software.

Ideally, flexibility in the system should serve an array of needs and point to the integrity of the asset hire software which will make it adaptable to your business as it stands today and as it grows.

As you may already know, no two hire businesses are the same, and even among the same types of businesses, there are differences in the business workflow. Make sure that the hire software you’re considering offers an expensive array of parameters that enable you to conduct business the way you want or deduce whether it forces you to operate in a cookie-cutter system.

Dashboard and ease of use

Asset hire software collects a large amount of data and will be most useful if it’s easy to understand and access. From customisable dashboards to analytics, a slew of features help to ensure that any employee can use the software to better understand the hire business’s operations.

One of the key reasons that businesses avoid using software is the inherent complexity it brings, and having a tool that’s easy to learn, use, and operate can make employees more productive and help businesses spend less time and resources on training.

If data analysis and visualisation tools exist, but they’re difficult to customise and configure, they may not provide the ease of use that your team is looking for. Always request a demo or a trial period and check the overall time it takes for you to complete tasks that your employees perform daily, such as quote generation, maintenance, asset reservation, and more.

The primary intention of any hire software solution is to make your job easier and make you more productive. If the software you’re considering doesn’t offer these benefits, you should perhaps look for alternative solutions.

Real-time reporting and analytics

A quality asset hire software solution should be able to manage inventory well and allow you to view your business performance at a glance.

With a hire business, it’s important to have real-time updates since the lack of proper reporting can leave you with overbooked equipment, leaving your customers disappointed.

From smart alerts and customer e-signatures to paperless processes, the right software can collect data and offer real-time reporting.

Such analytics will help your hire business stay on top of and have complete transparency into your operations.

Supercharge your hire business with asset hire software

The right features in your hire software solution can work wonders for your hire business.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer support, maintenance schedule, or even delivery capabilities, the right tools can give you unlimited flexibility and make your hire operation much simpler to execute.

When using MCS Rental Software, you can work with a team of hire software experts that can help you get the solutions that complement your business.

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