How your customers can benefit from rental scheduling software

14 March 2023

How your customers can benefit from rental scheduling software

It’s no secret that customers are always looking for an efficient way to get things done, especially with the fast-paced nature of today’s world—this is where rental scheduling software can help.

While scheduling software has been developed to help businesses manage their hire operations by tracking inventory, scheduling equipment hires, and billing customers, they are also benefiting customers in several ways.

Let’s explore some of the leading ways that rental scheduling software can offer customers an unmatched experience that will make your hire business their go-to location for all their hire needs.

Easy online booking

The ability to reserve equipment online using rental software is one of the most significant advantages of using such a solution. With scheduling software, customers no longer need to visit the shop in person or make a phone call to check if the equipment they need is available to hire.

By simply logging onto the online shop, customers can take their time to browse through the equipment at their leisure. The online shop will show all the available equipment, their quantities, hire rates, hire periods, and any other applicable fees—like transportation costs—or taxes.

Customers can go through the website, select the required equipment, and adjust other information like dates and times. Once the information has been selected, the software will calculate the hire fee, taxes, and other applicable fees. Customers can then enter their payment details and confirm their bookings from the comfort of their own homes.

This convenient online booking process saves customers a lot of time and effort while also eliminating the possibility of errors that can occur when you’re making an equipment reservation over the phone or in person. Customers also have the convenience of being able to book equipment hires 24/7 without worrying about the business’s opening hours.

Accurate inventory management

Customers also benefit from rental scheduling software because of accurate inventory management. With its inventory tracking system, scheduling software can track the available inventory in real-time, ensuring that customers can reserve the items they need without worrying about their availability.

Based on previous reservations and the total number of available items of that equipment, customers can see what’s available and whether it’s available on the dates they need it.

For a customer, there’s nothing more important than having the equipment they need when they need it without any issues, and the accuracy of the system can help avoid the frustration of booking equipment and later finding out that it’s unavailable.

It also helps your customers plan their hire needs well in advance since they only have to dedicate a smaller amount of time to visit your online shop and make the reservation accordingly.

Automated billing and invoicing

Another way customers can benefit from rental scheduling software is through automating billing and invoicing. Scheduling software automates the entire billing and invoicing process, which means that customers don’t have to wait to receive their invoices.

They can receive them quickly to conclude the complete payment process without having to wait for days—or in some cases, weeks—to make the payment.

Based on your reservation, the software will generate the invoice automatically and ensure that your customers receive their bills via email or through the online shop’s portal.

This type of automation helps customers save time and effort and also takes a lot of the manual work away from your employees so that they can focus on the important tasks. It also eliminates any errors that can happen with invoicing that’s generated manually since it’ll take additional time to produce and send an updated invoice.

Instil a sense of trust among customers with rental scheduling software

Scheduling software is designed to help businesses manage their hire operations more efficiently, but it also offers several benefits for customers. When customers have a convenient way to hire equipment that saves them time and effort that they can spend on something more important, not only can they plan their hire needs well in advance, but can also stay loyal to your business.

If you’re looking for the right hire software solutions, reach out to the team at MCS Rental Software who are ready to help you provide your customers with a better hire experience. By doing so, you’ll not just improve customer experience but also your efficiency and profitability.

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