Improving efficiencies in hire operations using what3words

27 March 2023

Improving efficiencies in hire operations using what3words

In equipment-driven hire industries, time is of the essence, so delays in equipment delivery can negatively impact project costs. It’s important that a business creates and maintains its edge by offering what many others in the hire industry fail to do—on-time delivery.

Whether it’s equipment that requires minimum to no installation, machines that need to be prepared before delivery, or even manned equipment that requires qualified and skilled operators, your customers demand that the equipment be delivered on time and ready for optimum performance.

This is why it’s important to streamline your delivery process and optimise it for efficiency, and MCS has integrated its hire software with what3words to improve every aspect of this process.

What is what3words?

What3words is a simple way to talk about locations. Location systems don’t always give you the precise location since street addresses aren’t accurate enough to locate building entrances and even public spaces..

Location systems can also create a difficult situation when you’re trying to make deliveries and find it hard to reach the exact location on time, leading to dissatisfied customers. .

With what3words, this process is made simple since the app divides every 3-metre square of the world and gives each one a unique combination of three words to find, share, and save precise locations, making it easier to find the location in the future..

This makes it easier to remember and convey to someone over the phone or enter it into a mobile device.

How does MCS Rental Software integrate with what3words?

At MCS, we’re always trying to make the hire industry more efficient and customer-friendly. This is why we have incorporated what3words into our software to ensure that we provide the best customer experience possible by improving operational efficiencies.

MCS’ Transport Mobile takes the longitude and latitude into consideration when providing a location, but with the latest what3words integration, we have made it easier to navigate by cutting out complex coordinates and replacing them with three words that are easy to communicate.

One of the biggest benefits of this integration is that hire businesses waste less time trying to deliver or pick up hire equipment, making it a faster and more efficient process.
Aside from the glaring benefits it offers to the delivery arm of your hire business, it can also help other personnel, such as technicians who are required to work on repairs. They can quickly locate the exact asset that needs their attention and complete their job much faster, leaving them more time to attend to other pressing issues.

Why is this integration a necessity for the hire industry?

Consider for a moment that you’re a construction equipment hire business. When it comes to collecting your equipment from a busy construction site, having a street address isn’t very helpful and doesn’t point you in the direction of where your equipment is located.

With MCS Transport Mobile and what3words, your drivers have the precise locations of building entrances and also across rural areas that may not appear on other location systems. This integration helps your drivers improve their efficiencies, create better customer experiences, and help you deliver and collect more equipment in less time.

The MCS Rental Software app uses Bing Maps which can be linked with what3words, making it easier for your drivers to start and navigate a delivery route.

You can even do this without an internet connection since the app works without a phone signal.

Optimise your delivery processes with MCS and what3words

Today, customers want their equipment delivered on time or ahead of schedule, but being late is no longer an option, especially with the new systems that are available—like the MCS and what3words integration.

While the integration is significantly beneficial to the hire business and the customer, it’s also a great tool for drivers who don’t have to wait for hirers onsite for pick-ups and drop-offs since the equipment can be left at the precise location stated in the app.

If you’re intrigued by how the MCS and what3words integration can help make last-mile deliveries and collections hassle-free and 42% faster, speak to our hire experts to learn more about how we can help you get the results you need.

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