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Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Excavator Hire

Key Benefits

  • The ability to co-ordinate the hire activities of all four companies within the H.E Group.
  • Fast contract creation using the ‘Kit’ functionality to group all relevant equipment for a job onto one contract.
  • Tighter management of quotation processes as customer information and records are securely stored for shared access.
  • Cost savings through inter-depot transfer of expensive equipment which opens up access to a larger, combined stock list.

The Challenge

HE needed to replace its previous UNIX-based hire application with a comprehensive Window-based system capable of co-ordinating the activities of all four companies within the H.E. Group. It needed to deliver a level of performance that would keep up with its expanding operation.

The Solution

From a short-list of 4 companies, H.E Services chose MCS. The core functionality that H.E Services installed included:

  • Asset Management
  • Purchase Ordering
  • Availability Planning
  • Rehire
  • Workshop & Maintenance
  • CRM

Invoice Register

The Invoice Register lets us track and monitor all invoices received from suppliers, we are quickly able to create a report and view the detail which saves time and resolves issues quicker.

Purchase Ledger

The Purchase Ledger runs more efficiently than before. It takes less time looking for information, more detail is available and paying suppliers has never been easier. All this keeps everyone happy.


MCS-rm was a perfect Integrated fit and gave us the ability to tailor the MCS-crm functionality to our requirements. We now capture and input all customer information much quicker. Also, we can quickly see previous quotations, customer turnover, a record of payments outstanding, payments made, credit limits and any other relevant financial information. This gives our users an up-to-date profile of a customer very quickly and enables them to make better judgements when negotiating a hire deal.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, H.E. Services now has:

  • Gained greater control and flexibility by grouping items of machinery and attachments into ‘kits’ for a project within the same hire contract. It allows them to apply different hire rates to the contract and structure it according to their customers’ preference.
  • Useful, in-depth, flexible reporting, such as Aged Debtors, Invoice Register and Document History reports, which users find fast and easy to run whenever needed.
  • Used CRM to record details of their 100 plus sales calls a day. With MCS CRM, they can store and share the information from one central place and allows better communication between different depots and teams.
  • Halved their customer contact time on the phone to capture a customer's basic information from 6 minutes to 3 minutes, using MCS CRM.
HE Group testimonial
Throughout our collaboration, MCS has been most helpful. They know how we operate our systems and can usually resolve any issues in a speedy manner. If we have any issues, they are always willing to investigate and advise.

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