Customer Profile
Country: France
Industry: Internal Hire

Key Benefits

  • Improved management of the rehire process from start to finish.
  • Easily produce monthly invoices for all subsidiaries.
  • Improved, accurate, in-depth reporting functionality to better develop their business.
  • Simple intuitive system, reducing training costs and improving usability.

The Challenge

Initially, the Terideal team was using a bespoke editing tool to manage the extensive number of hire contracts across the Terideal group. This was working fine for them at the beginning, but the IT team soon decided that they were in need of a more powerful rental software solution that would allow them to better manage all of their hire inventory. 

The Solution

After evaluating the different options in the market, the Terideal team chose MCS-rm rental software. The Windows-based solution was the most configurable and flexible software in the market and met their criteria of needing to manage the planning and scheduling of all their hires, as well as invoicing, the administration of their spare parts and depreciation for a whole range of construction equipment. 

Windows-based solution

MCS-rm is intuitive. The fact that it is Windows-based means our employees find it easy to use and this reduces our training costs.

Speed and reliability

Speed is the main advantage that MCS-rm gives us when managing our internal hires, but we now also have a much more reliable product to manage our cross-group rental park.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm rental software, Terideal has been able to: 

  • Load supplier prices using the rehire modules, saving the team a lot of time and enabling them to quickly and efficiently select items with the corresponding hire prices.
  • List all of their supplier rehire invoices to optimise matching.
  • Search for a piece of equipment not listed in their inventory using a specific rehire button. This displays a list of suppliers from whom they can hire the relevant piece of equipment and the pricing.
  • Automatically generate a purchase order to the supplier which can be dispatched via an email and creates a hire code enabling the user to track the piece of equipment in the system. 
  • Produce automated extensive reports using the MCS-rm reporting functionality.
  • Automate spare parts management so that charges can be easily and clearly tracked. 
MCS-rm is intuitive. The fact that it is Windows-based means our employees find it easy to use and this reduces our training costs.



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