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Country: new Zealand
Industry: Tool Hire

Key Benefits

  • Easy asset management, from hiring out equipment to equipment tracking.
  • A faster invoicing process that saves employees time and increases productivity.
  • Asset scanning capabilities that scan each item and easily identify whether the customer has failed to return everything.
  • All item information is stored safely on the software—from service history and hire history to photos.

The Challenge

Jackson Industries Ltd is an electrical manufacturer in Auckland that has been in the field for 45 years, with four core divisions—Electrical Sales, Hire and Service, Formwork and Advanced Engineering. Their hire and service department was experiencing several challenges when hiring out electrical equipment and servicing them due to the existing software. They also needed a new solution to remedy the length of time taken to invoice, an inability to track the location of equipment and poor asset management functionality.

The Solution

After a long process lasting nearly four years and comprising online research, attendance at trade shows and finally phoning other hire companies; Jackson Industries found MCS at a trade show and were pleased to find that the software met their rental criteria. Today, they are utilising multiple MCS modules including the Workshop and Transport Mobile applications which ensure that photos of each hire are captured.

Why MCS?

The three big selling points of MCS were that it provided a fantastic way to manage our stock. We chose to insert RFID tags into all of our equipment, which means we can now scan our equipment in and out of the department. This is extremely efficient and has really increased the accuracy of our records.

Rental management

We use the Contract module for hiring out our equipment to customers and asset management.

This has been fantastic for our service/repair part of the business. We use the Workshop Module for our repair and servicing.

Mobile solutions

The Transport Mobile app is ideal for when our staff are on the road.

Our electricians and technicians have the Workshop Mobile and Transport Mobile on their Android devices and update Workshop jobs while they are out on a customer site.


The biggest impact we have seen is the decrease in the time taken for monthly invoicing. This is due to two things; firstly, the integration with our accounting system, and secondly, the batch invoicing and bulk email invoicing process is much faster. This process was previously taking approximately 6 hours of administration time and now the whole process is completed within an hour. This should decrease further as we become more familiar with the MCS system.

The Benefits

By using the MCS Rental Management software, Jackson Industries has been able to:

  • Better manage their assets.
  • Scan their stock in and out of the hire department.
  • Find the location of stock within the department.
  • Maintain accurate records of their processes
  • Conduct an efficient batch invoicing process
  • Integrate the solution with their accounting software
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We have already seen increased levels of accuracy with our rental contracts which positively impacts the amount invoiced each month. With our previous software, it was difficult at times to accurately determine if all of the hire equipment was returned, items may have been lost but not picked up. Now each item is uniquely identified and we can confidently communicate this information with our customers.

Jackson Industries


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