How to overcome challenges in the crane hire industry with crane hire software solutions

10 January 2023

How to overcome challenges in the crane hire industry with crane hire software solutions

The global crane hire market size is estimated to reach USD 58 billion by 2027 with a predicted growth rate of 6.7% from 2022 to 2027.

The same growth trajectory is seen around the world in different markets, from Europe which is expected to expand at a 5% growth rate from 2020 to 2026 to Asia Pacific predicting a growth rate of 6.18% from 2022 to 2027.

With the wide availability of technologically advanced cranes at reasonable prices, the demand for tower cranes has increased, but with the rise of the hire market, the construction industry is moving towards hiring cranes and other similar equipment instead of purchasing the equipment.

Considering all these growth factors, it’s safe to say that the global crane hire market is booming. The rise in demand for hire cranes has also increased the need for crane hire software solutions, especially when mitigating the challenges that the crane hire industry is experiencing presently.

Knowing your profits and costs

Your hire business’ ability to make profits is significantly determined by the customers’ bargaining power and subdued hiring rates.

Crane hire companies have to make sure that their invoices reflect the actual utilisation of the crane. Simultaneously, they also have to ensure that they reduce operating and maintenance costs.

When cranes are used for complex projects, they must be invoiced for total utilisation. For instance, the billing that’s done for a regular day shift is much more different than that of a night shift, weekend shift, and so on.

MCS-rm crane hire software allows you to seamlessly manage the purchase of your hire fleet. You also have a much better understanding of your stock, spares, and services, offering you more information regarding your expenditures.

The software allows you to have ultimate control of your costs and know exactly how much money you’re making and what your costs are, allowing you to project future costs and profits of your crane hire business.

Planning and managing your cranes and personnel

Crane hire companies require skilled workers to manage jobs and operate and repair equipment. Generally, the planning and scheduling of the cranes must happen alongside assigning a crane operator, but it can be challenging if you have different types of cranes that require different operators who are experienced enough to operate them.

When a crane is being requested, the hire company should also know the specific requirements of the customer, such as the size of the crane, the amount of lift weight needed, and so on.

With our crane hire software, you can get a comprehensive dashboard that gives you information about your hire requirements, daily tasks, inventory status, and more.

With the demand for cranes expected to increase in the coming years, hire businesses need to have a quick and easy way to get an overall view of their business operations—from anywhere in the world.

Checking operational safety with maintenance checks

Safety is paramount in the crane hire industry and ensuring that your cranes are in proper operating condition is one of the ways to secure the safety of your equipment.

Maintenance for cranes is much more complex and comprehensive. For instance, large cranes generally have two engines which require a few maintenance requirements and must be subject to pre-work safety checks before they are deemed safe to operate.

A crane hire software solution can give you comprehensive information about your maintenance requirements and schedule your maintenance so that you don’t miss a single maintenance operation, giving you a fleet of cranes that operate at full capacity at all times.

Prepare for the future of the construction industry with crane hire software

The crane hire market is set to boom in the coming years and crane hire businesses need to prepare themselves for the influx of requests that they could face.

MCS-rm has worked with hire businesses supplying the construction industry and understands the sophisticated solutions that are required to manage an operation of such magnitude. Our crane hire solutions can help you find the best solutions for your hire business.

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