Moving forward with mobile technology: What a hire business should consider

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Moving forward with mobile technology: What a hire business should consider

Smart phones and other mobile devices are impacting on many lines of business in the hire industry. Now the jobs of delivery drivers, workshop fitters, depot managers and sales and account managers have been revolutionised with the ability to access, amend and input hire data in real-time from any location, from a host of different mobile devices. The end result is a much better customer user experience and overall efficiency and productivity gains and cost savings.

Helping rental businesses make important mobile decisions      

Based on customer-led discussions and experience, we hope to shed light on some of the 'grey areas' which have, up to now, meant that hire companies have been indecisive about which mobile solution to adopt. Here are some of the key questions we find that hire businesses would like answers to.

What do I need to consider when choosing the correct mobile device? 

  • Will you want to make data access available to all in your depots and warehouses? If this is the case you may need Wi-Fi access.
  • Will field workers be using your handsets? They may require technology options like GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and NFC. When it comes to mobile handsets, a hire company may prefer to offer a more rugged device to field workers, where the working environment means that it needs to be more resilient. 
  • Do your delivery drivers need to offer a physical receipt of transactions onsite and therefore need to attach a portable printer? The handset may need to also offer technologies like RFID and scanner capabilities to make the most of your software's functionality.

What do I need to consider when choosing the most appropriate platform?

  • List all the useful and required apps and check what platforms they run on. This will help you determine which operating system will be the most appropriate - iOS, Windows Mobile or Android.
  • In our opinion, and with the support of market research, Android is expected to become the most widely adopted mobile operating system for mobile devices* and therefore the platform that will have the most developed ‘app store’. All MCS apps run on the Android platform.

What do I need to consider when choosing your mobile hardware supplier?

  • When sourcing a mobile hardware supplier, choosing a partner that offers an appropriate level of end user support is the key to success. Since these devices will become business critical, think what would happen if a handset got damaged or broken and how soon that a replacement device or spare parts would become available could become an important part of your investment decision.

At MCS, our aim is to simplify mobile technology adoption in the rental industry. We can guide you through the best mobile handset, platform and support options to choose. In addition, our cloud service offers an affordable and hassle-free way of benefitting from mobile technology.

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