Shortages left right and centre…what can you do to tackle the labour and parts shortages?

10 November 2022

Shortages left right and centre…what can you do to tackle the labour and parts shortages?

With prices rapidly rising around us, businesses quickly need to find a solution. Both labour and parts shortages have resulted in costs of materials hitting a 20% increase in 12 months[1] and 80% of employers have reported that they have trouble finding qualified talent[2].


So what can you do?

With the power of rental software, you can view and control your rental business through one complete management system.


Reducing equipment breakdowns and saving time on servicing

With a workshop module, you can easily manage all of your repair and maintenance jobs remotely and get your equipment back on the road in no time. Additionally, you can plan ahead by keeping accurate service records, scheduling regular maintenance, and managing any equipment damage or loss.

By planning ahead with regular service intervals and scheduled maintenance, you can make sure you order parts ahead of time so you don’t get caught short. Moreover, with the integration of telematics technology, many faults can be diagnosed remotely meaning there is no need to dedicate a human resource to go and find out what the issue is onsite for a breakdown. Parts needed can simply be ordered at the touch of a button to reduce investigative delays.

Making clearer agreements with customers to keep things moving

To avoid putting crucial projects on hold because of the limited access to resources created by the ripple effect of the current climate, working smarter is key. Therefore, to keep up with high orders due to the backlog, electronic signatures help to keep pressing on. Approval times are shortened by eliminating delays caused by paperwork, ensuring your customers’ orders are received promptly while delivering excellent customer service.

Creating unnecessary delays can lead to unhappy customers. Digital signatures help to streamline the rental journey as customers can electronically sign documents quickly whilst also giving you visibility of the status of pending quotes and contracts. Moreover, admin is reduced meaning less human involvement is needed and more crucial labour time is saved.

Getting your existing team in the right places at the right times

A Resource Planner can help you predict future resource requirements and eliminate any unnecessary hassle of double bookings or unqualified staffing selections. Empowering your existing teams means your people can work efficiently to help combat the skills shortage and ensure you are on top of demand.

In addition, keeping track of van stock allows a van to be assigned to a works order task and enables better visibility of stock location. With a ‘Van Stock Replenishment’ tool, you can quickly identify van stock shortages and automatically create inter-depot transfers and stock adjustments to transfer the necessary stock from depots into the vans.​ This helps keep better track of the stock within each van ensuring enough lead time is left, whilst also leveraging all the existing stock you have. 

There has been a shortage of parts ranging from materials to equipment, which has resulted in supply chain issues despite improvements since 2021. Consequently, a combination of technology solutions including workshop, electronic signatures, resource planner and van stock are key ways to help your business keep moving at a fast pace. To find out more about how MCS can help you tackle the labour and parts shortages, get in touch today.


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