How can preventative maintenance improve your rental business?

Monday, 8 December 2014

How can preventative maintenance improve your rental business?

When your equipment goes out on hire, you need to ensure that it leaves your depot in optimum working condition to avoid costly on-site breakdowns and avert project delays. Using scheduled maintenance is a significant step towards achieving better equipment performance and improving utilisation.

Using your rental software, you can set scheduled maintenance alerts for service intervals, mileage, meter usage or other items and also perform equipment checklists on the return of assets after the rental period.

Provide peace of mind

As a rental company, your hire software should alert you to equipment that is due for imminent servicing so that you can maintain your hire fleet at the right time. 

Attaching equipment safety certificates and operating instructions to your rental contract and delivery notes and also viewable online, your customers can be assured that they are renting from a professional company with equipment that is well maintained and safe to hire. In a competitive market, being able to provide an outstanding and reliable service will help improve your reputation and win repeat business.

Safety compliance 

Performing and recording your equipment inspections and setting timely reminders to obtain safety certifications indicates that you are able to prove that equipment underwent the regulatory safety checks and you have done everything you can to prevent equipment faults and accidents.

Improve profits

When it comes to disposing of equipment, assets that come with detailed service history notes will tend to retain a higher resale value compared to those that do not.

Accurately recording information about workshop repairs, including cost of labour and spare parts, gives an insight into which assets, subgroups and even manufacturers perform best over time when viewed across your entire fleet. An analysis of your equipment workshop costs means that you can make informed and accurate decisions about product investment, having a impact on future profit margins.

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